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What is GreenMark?

GreenMark is an online form builder tool for multitude of purposes. You could build online assessments, surveys, polls or order forms. If you need to have user registration for events or functions, GreenMark can do just that for you. Imagine the possibilities you could do with GreenMark.

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GreenMark can do lots of things other online forms simply cannot

Build forms visually

Construct & see your forms come to life in real-time

Make automated forms

Waste no time doing things yourself, make forms run themselves

Track points & scores

Create test, quizzes or examinations easily by tracking scores

Expand & collaborate

Work in teams or multiple companies to create and manage forms

Control form accesses

Make forms public or dictate how forms are accessed securely

Robust analytics

Let the numbers do the talking, see exactly how forms are working

Do way more with GreenMark

GreenMark can do lots of things other online forms simply cannot

Make better decisions, use GreenMark to assess an individual's qualifications

Create assessments or tests quickly, no papers required. Get results immediately for both you and the respondent immediately. Waste no time making decisions from the results.

An online form for any device, capture those responses that matters

Your form can be purposed to multitude of functions, which make sense that it should also be accessible and responded through many types of devices. From personal computers to smartphones.

Run your business using forms

Take orders online, get your customers' preferences or even feedback easily; GreenMark allows you to accept payments digitally from your customers.

Those are just the few...

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